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The World Of Buddy Pegs Children's Podcast

Jun 2, 2017

Calvin Jones is the Director of Education at the Park Tool Company - the world’s biggest and best bicycle specific tool manufacturer.

In this episode, Rowan (7 year old Buddy Pegs grom) asks Calvin all about the silent clutch freehub bodies that Poppawheelie and Captain Endo used to save the day in the World of Buddy Pegs episode, Shamus & Pepper's Stolen Bikes.

Learn more about Freehub bodies on the Park Tools blog.

Freehub Body

Calvin Jones - Park Tools

The World of Buddy Pegs children's podcast is a series of free original audio stories for families who want to share the inspiration and empowerment of bicycling with the next generation.

Check out our shownotes on to learn more about Calvin Jones and freehub bodies and see images of Calvin and a freehub body!